Joining Pacific Voices

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining the Pacific Voices community. On this page you will find information that gives you more of an idea of what joining PV entails and what the expected level of committement is. You are always welcome to come and experience a PV rehearsal.

Member Commitments

A key factor in the choir's success is the commitment by each singer to come to rehearsals and performances, and to come on time. The heart of the choir is its blend, and that only happens when you make it a priority to learn your part, come regularly to practice and sectionals, focus your attention, and give it your best. To help you in learning the music we provide a rich set of resources in our members section including section-specific practice files, full piece recordings, and music in PDF format for use with iPads and other tablets. 


  • Wednesday rehearsals, 7:00-9:30 p.m. at Resurrection Church
    7600 Soquel Drive, Aptos 95003
  • Please arrive early enough to be in your seat and ready to go at 7:00 pm. 
  • Stay for the entire rehearsal. 
  • Please, no food in the sanctuary area. 
  • Assistance with set up and cleanup is always appreciated! 


Section leaders will schedule sectional rehearsals, usually once per month to help accelerate our learning. These sectionals are fruitful so please do your best to attend them. 



  • Review your music during the week. Check out the repertoire section of our members' website at We are in the process of changing our web site so please bear with us as we transition. More functionality will become available as the season progresses.
  • Record or download rehearsals if necessary to learn parts.
  • Do your best to attend sectionals and retreats.

Membership Dues

  • Choir dues are $40 per month. Fall dues are $160. Spring dues are $200. 
  • An optional materials donation of $25 per season is requested to help pay for the cost of purchasing music.
  • Full choir dues are payable by October 1st for the fall season, February 1 for the spring season. If needed, monthly payments or fee waivers may be arranged through Margo Chisholm, the Pacific Voices Treasurer.
  • Choir dues are not refundable. Singers are responsible for the full season's dues.


  • Keep absences to a minimum.
  • Contact your section leader if you will be absent.
  • Download the rehearsals and/or contact another singer in your section to learn what you missed at rehearsal. 
  • If you have excessive absences, or if you miss concert week rehearsal and/or dress rehearsal, performance in the concert will be at the Conductor’s discretion.

Volunteer Commitment

For the choir to continue to flourish, we ask everyone to sign up and help with a regular choir operations task. Task sign-up sheets will be available by October 1 and February 1. If you choose to, you may make a donation to the choir in lieu of volunteering time. It’s all valuable and welcomed: time, talent, treasure and tithe!


Member Courtesy

Pacific Voices strives to be community of caring individuals. We ask that everyone bring his or her best intentions and an open heart to each rehearsal. Try to leave the concerns of the day outside the rehearsal space and focus on the music and your fellow singers. If you have questions or concerns, please check with other singers, your section leader, the Council and/or the conductor. 


  • Please be respectful by limiting conversations during rehearsal time. Socialize and chat during the break. 
  • For the consideration of our environmentally sensitive members, please keep rehearsals and performances scent-free. Do not wear perfumes, cologne or scented products of any kind. This includes essential oils.
  • If you feel you are coming down with a bug that might be contagious or you are not feeling well but still want to join us, please sit in the back of the room. We love you, and we'd rather you not get everyone else sick.

Performances and Important Dates (subject to change)

All singers are expected to attend the concerts, unless prior arrangements have been made with Sean. Additional performances may be scheduled during year. Choir will be given advanced notice.
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